The GALLERY LISTROS in Tiergarten is Berlin’s newest event venue. Already established as a contemporary art gallery for artists in an African context, we provide a unique and cosy setting for events.

The four rooms (with a total of 230 square meters) are suitable for a variety of events. The gallery has already been host to receptions, buffets, after-show parties, dinners, presentations, press conferences and seminars. The spacious, airy loft can host up to 150 people.

Located very close to Potsdamer Platz, GALLERY LISTROS in Kurfürstenstrasse makes its home in one of the most interesting inner city areas of Berlin, where the present meets the past in innumerable daily contexts. The mix of artists, workers and entertainment in this legendary district of the ‘20s has been preserved and expanded over the decades. In recent years, Berlin's trendy gallery scene has re-established itself within one of the oldest red-light districts of the city. Kurfürstenstraße is sometimes loud and busy, often quiet and secretive, and relentlessly chic with an upper-middle-class flair that blends into arty, nonconformist and intercultural spaces.

When you and your guests enter the GALLERY LISTROS, you plunge into another world. Here, gallery owner Dawit Shanko, who hails from Ethiopia, has created a place that combines the art and culture of two authentic and diverse continents.

Ethiopian shoeshiners, called Listros (which translates to "make it shine") are the gallery's namesake. The unique installation of 2,500 Listros boxes in the gallery's entrance room creates an atmosphere that will make your events memorable. The ever-changing exhibits and show especially compiled for your purposes will give your event a unique setting and individual charm.