Room 1

The 29 square-meter room is almost cut square. Facing south, entering daylight creates a clear atmosphere. If necessary, the windows can be darkened with blinds. The room boasts simplicity and is very well suited for small group meetings.



Room 2

The 40 square-meter room faces south, allowing daylight to flood through the four windows of the 6.70 meter-long curving bay. The unlevel ground plan of the space constitutes its special feature. It is ideal for meetings, as a dance floor or for buffets.



Room 3

The 61 square-meter room is at the rear part of the building and is reached by a 4 meter-long passage from the entrance room. In this quiet space, light passes through four large windows. You can use it for a gala dinner, presentations or seminars, enhanced by the two transverse walls of 4 x 3,85 meter und 3,65 x 3,85 meter that are ideal for displaying for your business presentation or showing movies. Without seating, this space is ideal for parties with dancing and live music.